Planning Commission

The purpose of the Planning Commission is to maintain the Town as a predominantly single-family residential community by protecting the town from encroachment by incompatible land uses. To achieve its purpose, the Commission has the authority and power to make plans and maps of the whole or part of the Town relevant to planning and future growth; to revise them as necessary; to review plat applications for the subdivision of land within the Town limits and decide, based on certain criteria, whether to permit or deny them; and, to make zoning recommendations to the Town Council.

It is also the duty of the Planning Commission to keep itself informed as to the best practices and advancements in municipal planning. Members of the Commission are required to obtain four (4) hours of continuing education on an annual basis.

To Contact the Board, email:
Southeast Tennessee Development: Garret Haynes, Regional Planner
Legal Advisor: Harry R Cash
Staff Support: Town Manager,
Council Liaison:Charles Poss, Mayor, and Susannah Murdock, Councilmember,

Meetings: 1st Thursday, 6pm, Town Hall and as called.