Town Council

“The mission of the Town of Signal Mountain is to provide residents with high quality services through efficient use of resources and open government, while curating growth and sustainability in order to preserve the town's beauty and small-town character."

"The vision of the Town of Signal Mountain is to enhance the small-town character of our community by embracing the ideals of sustainability, safety, tranquility, and exceptional quality of life."

About the Signal Mountain Town CouncilThe Town of Signal Mountain operates under a Council/Town Manager form of government. The Council has certain responsibilities including approval of the annual budgets, tax rates, ordinances, resolutions, staffing levels, contracts, personnel policy, purchasing policy, and other policies.

A five-member Council is elected by Town voters with three of the five members running every two years on even numbered years, matching the national elections. Of the three top vote getters, two receive four-year terms and one (the third place finisher) receives a two-year term. This ensures that three members of the Council will be up for election every two years and two will remain seated to provide a level of continuity for the next Council.

The Council elects the mayor and the vice mayor from among its membership. The mayor presides at Council meetings and is the titular head of the Town. The vice mayor acts as mayor in the mayor’s absence.

The town manager is appointed by and serves at the will of the Council as the Town’s chief administrative officer. The Town Manager’s responsibilities include supervising Town employees, enforcing all policies and ordinances enacted by the Council, providing a budget for the Council’s review, and controlling operations and expenditures to maintain a balanced budget.

Meet the Town Council
Mayor Charles Poss
Vice Mayor Elizabeth Baker
Councilmember Andrew Gardner
Councilmember Clay Crumbliss
Councilmember Susannah Murdock