Ms. Elaine Brunelle, the Town Manager, works directly under the Town Council and is the chief administrative officer for the Town. She is responsible for presenting the annual Town budget, managing the departments, and overseeing the supervision of all employees. She works closely with staff to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness and ensure that the business and services of the Town operate smoothly to the benefit of its citizens.

Ms. Brunelle is the primary liaison between the Town and its citizens, and she encourages them to contact her to answer their questions and to hear their suggestions or ideas for improvements in the Town.

Additionally, the Administrative Department includes Katie McKenna (Executive Assistant/HR Director), Rick Jackson (IT Specialist), and Casper Kittle (Programs and Communications Generalist).  

2023 Strategic Objectives
In January 2023, the Town Council, in conjunction with MTAS and the Town Manager, collaborated on five strategic objectives, shown below. The summary of the strategic planning process is available here.  

TOSM Strategic Objectives - Copy