General information

Does the Signal Mountain Fire Department  have a Ride Along program ?
Yes, SMFD does have a ride along program. Complete the Ride Along Application and return to the Signal Mountain Fire Department at 1111 Ridgeway Avenue or email to smokedetector@signalmountaintn.gov or fax to 423-886-1608.  
What are the dates that I can burn in Hamilton County ?
Seasonal burning is allowed with a valid permit in Hamilton County from October 1st to April 30th of each year.  Burning permits are issued to individuals or businesses that are planning to burn less than two acres of brush in a burn season.  Burning is limited to clean, raw, untreated, non-manufactured wood or natural vegetation.
How do obtain a burn permit ?
To obtain a burn permit, please contact the Air Pollution Control Bureau at 423-643-5970 or obtain and submit an application for a permit by visiting the Air Pollution Control Bureau website.

From May 1st through September 30th, NO BURNING is allowed in Hamilton County.
Can the Fire Department fill my pool ?
No, the Signal Mountain Fire Department does not fill residential pools.  Homeowners interested in learning about their options for filling a swimming pool should contact the Town of Signal Mountain Water Utility (SMWU) at water.signalmountaintn.gov or (423)886-2177, option #1.
Can I paint/repaint the fire hydrant in my yard ?
For hydrant maintenance issues, including painting, homeowners are asked to contact the Town of Signal Mountain Water Utility (SMWU) at water.signalmountaintn.gov or (423)886-2177.
Can I schedule a station visit and if so, how ?
You can schedule a station tour by reaching out to us by phone (423-886-7075), email (smokedetector@signalmountaintn.gov) or through Facebook Messenger on our Signal Mountain Fire Department FaceBook with your request.  Please provide the purpose or group requesting the tour, date/time and contact name and number.
Why do I see fireman flushing hydrants ?
Fire hydrant flushing is an important part of annual maintenance that is usually done twice per year. There are two main reasons why hydrants are flushed. First, a fire hydrant is in essence a valve and to make sure they work when needed it is important to "exercise" a fire hydrant and ensure adequate water flow is available to fire fighters, residents and businesses. Additionally hydrants are flushed to remove minerals deposits that may occur inside the water distribution pipes. 
How do I request a fire report ?
A fire report can be obtained by contacting the Signal Mountain Fire Department and requesting a report by either; calling 423-886-7075 or send an email request to smokedetector@signalmountaintn.gov.  Please provide the name of person(s) involved, address and date of incident.

A Report Request form will need to be completed and returned.