Brush, Trimmings, Leaves, Mulch

brushGeneral Information Year-round collections of yard wastes including brush, tree trimmings, and leaves are funded by property taxes. Brush trucks run a continuous route year-round. Leaf collections begin in the fall. For more information, contact Public Works at (423) 886-2177 ext. 2.

Brush Collection:
  • Brush trucks run a continuous route year-round which usually takes two to four weeks to complete, depending on quantity. There are no special pickups or deviations from the route.
  • Brush must be cut into approximately 8-foot lengths, no larger than 10-inches in diameter, and be placed at the curb on your own property. These size restrictions also apply to brush delivered to the Transfer Station by residents. Brush not conforming to these size restrictions will not be picked up. Stumps are not acceptable and cannot be taken at the Transfer Station. Raked leaves must be separate from brush.
  • Twigs, trimmings, and grass clippings must not be disposed of by placing them directly on the street. Residents should put them in their Town-provided garbage cart instead.
  • No brush or tree trimmings will be picked up if work is done by a contractor. A contractor must dispose of any brush they cut.
  • Do not place brush near mailboxes, shrubbery, low tree limbs, or utility lines.
  • Brush may be burned by residents with prior approval by the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Air Pollution Bureau. Call (423) 643-5970 for details and requirements.

Leaf Collection:Leaf Pick-up Requirements

The Town of Signal Mountain offers seasonal curbside leaf collection for residential properties located within the Town limits. The Town is divided into five (5) collection areas. The five (5) areas are shown on the Leaf Pick-up Map. Each area will be picked up in numerical order, and there will be two rounds of leaf collection. There will be signs posted at each area to let you know when your area will be picked up. Last round signs will also be posted for your area at the end of the season. Please place loose leaves at the curb before your area is scheduled for the next pick-up in order to make sure they are not missed.

General InformationFall leaf collection begins in early November and usually lasts until mid-January, depending on the weather.

  • Watch for signs that read, “Leaf Pickup in this Area Next”, which are usually posted approximately one week prior to being in your area.
  • Loose leaves should be placed at the curb in a pile, separate from brush and other yard waste.
  • Do not place leaves near mailboxes, utility poles, or other structures.
  • For safety reasons, leaves MUST NOT hinder traffic nor block travel lanes.
  • Leaves must not block drainage ditches or curbside drainage catch basins. Placing leaves in the street violates Stormwater Regulations.
  • Homeowners are responsible for the actions of their contractors.
  • The drivers follow predetermined routes, to be as efficient as possible. Deviating from the route not only causes delays, it creates confusion to neighboring residents.
  • One round of spring leaf collection will occur in March.
  • Before and after leaf season, leaves can be collected in garbage carts.
  • A special loose-leaf pickup can be scheduled after the last round and before the spring pickup for a $35 fee. Leaves will be collected within two weeks of the request.
Leaf Pick-up Information Grass Clippings
  • Grass clippings must not be disposed of by placing them directly on the street. Residents should put them in their Town-provided garbage cart instead.
  • Loose grass clippings left in ditch flow lines or on street pavement violate Stormwater Regulations.
  • Residents are encouraged to leave lawn clippings on lawns so that the nutrients in the clippings are recycled as fertilizer.
  • Homeowners are responsible for the actions of their contractors.

Mulch Information
  • Free Mulch is no longer available at 611 Timberlinks Drive due to site improvements.
  • Some of the mulch will be relocated to 714 Mississippi Avenue (Public Works Facility) and will be available until it is gone.
  • Mulch (loading it yourself) is available during the following times:
    • Monday - Friday                7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
    • Saturday                              8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 423-886-2177 (option #2).