Garbage Collection

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Backdoor Garbage Service
Holidays and Inclement Weather
"First Wednesday" Bulky Item Collection
Special Fee-Based Bulky Item Collection

General InformationCurbside garbage service is funded by property taxes and is available without a monthly fee. Pickup occurs Monday through Friday beginning at 7:00 a.m. Garbage will be accepted only in carts furnished by the Town. Each cart contains a unique serial number and only one is assigned to each address. If a second cart is desired, one may be leased for a one-time non-refundable fee of $60. There is a Town maximum of two carts per residence.

If you have a problem (broken lid, loose or broken wheel, etc.) with your garbage cart, you can report it to Public Works at (423) 886-2177, option 2.
Requirements for Curbside Collection:
  • Place garbage carts at the curb by 7:00 a.m.
  • Place carts at least 3 feet from trees, mailboxes, parked cars, utility poles and other garbage carts.
  • The front of the cart must face the pavement.
  • Do not overfill garbage carts.
  • Overfilled carts with open lids will not be picked up.
  • Loose garbage or trash placed outside of the cart will not be collected.
Please, consider recycling as it reduces trash volume and the need for an extra cart.

Unacceptable items for curbside collection:
  • Rock, dirt, hot ashes, and loose needles are not accepted.
  • Flammable materials, poisons, non-latex paint, chemicals, and other household hazardous wastes are accepted at the Recycle Center.
  • Building materials and carpet are accepted at the Transfer Station for a fee.

Backdoor Garbage Service:

Backdoor garbage service is available to Town residents that qualify. Persons aged 70 or disabled are eligible for backdoor garbage service. All members of the household must meet one of the criteria.

Items Picked Up:Only household garbage will be collected. Household garbage includes kitchen and wastebasket contents normally accumulated within the house. All other garbage, such as large accumulations of newspapers, magazines, old clothes, diapers, cat litter, cardboard boxes too large to fit in a wastebasket, etc., must be placed in the garbage cart for curbside pickup, taken to the Recycle Center, or to the Transfer Station.

  • Garbage must be out by 7:00 a.m.
  • Garbage must be in plastic bags. Bags should weigh no more than 20 lbs.
  • Sanitation workers are prohibited from entering garages, enclosed areas, and fenced-in yards.
Acceptable Containers:Backdoor service is restricted to four (4) large bags per residence per week with a combined weight of 75 pounds. A small dump truck may use your driveway during pickup.

Holidays and Inclement Weather:

When a holiday occurs on a scheduled garbage collection day, the Town will reschedule collection during the week. Holiday schedules will be posted on Town social media and on the Town website. Garbage service may be temporarily suspended when weather conditions create slippery surfaces that are unsafe for personnel or equipment operations. Call (423) 886-2177 for the make-up schedule.

Quarterly Bulky-Item Collection:


Call (423) 886-2177 Ext. 2 to request special collections on the “First Wednesday” at the start of each quarter. Please call no later than the day before pickup to have your items scheduled for collection.

Upcoming 2024 collection's dates are as follows:
  • April 3rd
  • July 3rd
  • October 2nd
Fee-based pickup for furniture, mattresses, refrigerators, air-conditioners and other freon-containing appliances.
Building materials and small items will not be collected.

Special Fee-based Bulky Collections:

Call (423) 886-2177 Ext. 2 to schedule a special pickup for bulky items such as stoves, furniture, water heaters, mattresses, box springs, etc., for a fee of $35 plus the material disposal cost, paid in advance.

Items must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m on the day of pickup.

Fee exampless:
  • General, $35 per load.
  • Mattresses $45 ($35 load + $10 mattress disposal)
  • Freon-containing appliances, $65 each. ($35 load + $30 freon disposal fee)