General Information

How can I pay my water bill?
There are a variety of options to pay your bill. 
  • Pay online at https://wipp.edmundsassoc.com/Wipp/?wippid=SGNL. Here you can make a one-time payment via credit/debit card (2.95% fee) or ACH/e-check ($1.95 fee) or set up automatic payments.
  • Please feel free to use our 24/7 Dropbox located outside Town Hall or come inside during our business hours (8:00 - 4:30, closed from 11:30-12:15 for lunch).   
  • Call 423-886-2177, ext. 203 to pay by phone during regular business hours.   
  • If you are interested, we also offer an automatic bank draft (forms to be found on the website or at Town Hall).
How do I set up water service?
To set up services you need to fill out a service contract agreement with the SMWU.  These forms can be provided and filled out at Town Hall or can be found on the website (New Customer Application)and turned back into the SMWU.  Please note, that a $50.00 non-refundable activation fee will be added to your first water bill.
When is my bill due?
Water bills are due on the 15th day of each month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend, please feel free to make use of the Citisen Portal site or the SMWU Dropbox located outside of the Town Hall.  (Failure to receive bill does not relieve customer of payment due).
My bill has gotten bigger over the last month, what's wrong?
Typically, bills get bigger for two reasons.  One; people start watering lawns or filling up swimming pools and do not remember that they have changed their water usage habits temporarily.  Two; there is water being used without customer knowledge (i.e. LEAK).  If you suspect you may have a leak, please feel free to call into the office and ask for help.  We cannot locate leaks specifically for you, but we may be able to assist you in the right direction.
My water has been turned off due to non-payment.  What do I need to do?
In order to restore services, you need to pay the balance plus pay a $25.00 re-connect fee.  If paying using Citisen Portal, we advise that you call the office to let us know that a payment has been made.  If services need to be restored after hours, there is an additional fee of $75.00.  You may call after hours for a reconnect at 423-667-3823.  Please note, the field workers are not allowed to take your payment for the bill.
Does the SMWU send cut-off notices prior to turning water off due to non-payment?
No, we do not typically send a cut-off notice indicating pending cut-off.  Water bills delinquent after 30 days are at risk of being turned off.  Please note, that failure to receive bill does not relieve customer of payment.
How is sewer calculated on my bill?
The Hamilton County WWTA bills sewer usage based off the water usage.  
I have a sewer issue.  Who do I call?
Hamilton County WWTA is your local sewer provider.  They can be reached at 423-209-7842.
What are the various line items on my bill?
WA = Water Used and Billed

SE = Sewer Used and Billed

FE = Sewer Connection Fee

WL = Water Leak Relief 

WC = Water Connection Fee
What is "Water Leak Relief"?
All customers of the SMWU are enrolled automatically into Water Leak Relief.  When leaks happen, they can use a lot of water and run a bill up quickly in instances.  Water Leak Relief assists with absorbing some of the costs of water loss on your property.  They can be reached at 855-426-7655.