Cold Weather Tips from the Signal Mountain Water Utility


Wally Transparent

“Hello, my name is Wally the Water Otter.
I am here to share some helpful tips from my
friends at the SMWU to help you prevent cold
weather damage to your home. Don’t forget- cold
weather is here, and freezing temperatures are a
threat to your plumbing. Here are a few simple steps
that can help protect your home from disaster.”

1. Disconnect garden hoses: A water-filled hose left out in cold weather can freeze. Be sure to
disconnect all outdoor hoses from their faucets, drain them, and store them for the winter.

2. Cover hose bibs: Insulated covers slow the heat loss from a pipe and provide protection from
the cold.

3. Pipe insulation: Add pipe insulation on exposed pipes in your basement, along exterior walls,
and outside your home to protect against freezing. All unheated areas of your home with
water pipes need insulation on the pipes.

4. Open cabinet doors: Being behind closed doors makes pipes more vulnerable to freezing since
heat from the rest of the house cannot reach them. Open the cabinet doors to allow heat to
circulate into the cabinets.

5. Leave your faucets running: A trickling faucet keeps the water flowing, reducing the risk of
freezing. It also protects against burst pipes if the water does freeze because it prevents
pressure from building from expanding ice. A slow trickle is all you need to help avoid costly
home repairs.